Knacker’s yard in the Belgorod region, Russia

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My wife and I trying to help homeless animals. Two months ago, we picked up a wounded pigeon from a pneumatic gun. We have cured him, the bullet came out and despite all the adverse predictions — he was able to fly.

Recently we picked up on the street a little pigeon chick. He was badly injured, attacked by a cat … he lost a wing and has a lot of injuries. We will cure him. But we can`t keep him in our home during all his life. And we started to look animal shelter for him.

We live in the city of Belgorod. In our area there is also the city Stary Oskol. According to news reports, there have recently opened a shelter for homeless animals in the territory of the old zoo.  I asked around friends, «Googled» and found something monstrous things about this «shelter». It’s a real concentration camp for the animals.


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Try to use automatic translator, but I will try to translate for you a couple of comments:

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Lyudmila wrote:
23.09.2011 at 10:55 am

Apparently, the article about how to be a perfect animal shelter, and we learned the other day … absolutely wild things. One month ago, I gave my cat at that shelter, and then I come to find out how is he. But I could not find any cats at all. One of the compassionate staff whispered, that all animals dumped into a pit and the tractor rolled the ground. I was so upset! I do not know: I believe it or not, but my heart aches. Is the zoo staff could so ruthlessly deal with animals?

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normal person writes:
08.11.2011 at 11:41 am

Our beautiful shelter operates as follows, animals collected from the streets (or people voluntarily brought) — fed to the lions in the zoo. Recently, the community services workers take from the yard homeless 8 puppies, that we raised by entire yard… they was taken to that «shelter» and on the same day were was thrown into a cage with lions.

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It’s just a nightmare.

So,  If you do not understand … They accept animals, promising a good care, veterinary help and find new home for them.. but in fact they just kill animals in most horrific ways.

Laws that must protect animals does not work. There are no social services that could care homeless animals or protect them. It’s just that ”shelter”, built by local authorities. It would be nice if people all over the world know about horrors that taking place in Belgorod region of Russia.

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